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In our multidisciplinary dental practice we can offer you comprehensive care. Close cooperation with orthodontic practices and stomatologists enables us to offer you a complete and coherent treatment plan.

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Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

Improve the appearance of your teeth.

Biological dentistry

We focus on safe and non-toxic treatments.

dental veneers

Restorative dentistry

Whether you just need a single tooth restoration or a full rehabilitation we offer you a complete analysis with treatment options. We work together with certified and experienced dental laboratories who master all the recent up to date dental materials like full ceramic, zircon oxide or all kinds of metal free restorations.

Periodontal therapy

Gum disease is very common and one of the major reasons of premature tooth loss. Many patients ignore the existence of gum disease, thats why early detection is important for a successful treatment.

aesthetic dentistry

Endodontics, root canal treatment

If the vitality of a tooth is compromised, a root canal treatment can save your tooth for many more years. We do specific treatments with a dental microscope in order to have the best possible long term results. Nothing is better than preserving a natural tooth.


A dental implant is an artificial root designed to replace a missing tooth. Implants can also support bridges or stabilize dentures. In many situations implants can help to avoid drilling on adjacent teeth or simplify and support extended restorations.

titanium implants

Childrens (pediatric) dentistry

It is important to establish good dental care and oral hygiene habits early. Dentist Aiste ADOMENE loves seeing patients of all ages and is happy to provide children’s dentistry.

Check-up and cleaning

At your initial visit a complete exam will be performed. Recommendations concerning frequency and intervalls of recall visits will be discussed. Decay, gum disease etc. will be checked regularly.

childrens dentistry

Gnathology, dental occlusion, bruxism

Disorder of your joints or dental occlusion can lead to severe long term problems like tooth erosion and pain. Bruxism is the most known reason, but often a complete functional analysis is required to do a reliable diagnose and establish a treatment plan.

Bleaching, teeth whitening

With the Philips ZOOM whitening system we can offer you a safe and affordable tooth bleaching. You are free to choose between in-office or home bleaching.

teeth grinding