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Mercury (amalgam) removal

amalgam filling

Mercury (amalgam) removal

At one time, mercury was the metal of choice for dental fillings. While this may seem solid quickly and was strong enough, there was one huge downside: Mercury is harmful to human health. The World Health Organization has deemed it “toxic,” and many countries have even banned mercury fillings and this also impacts biological dentistry in Luxembourg.

In biological dental medicine, dentists use safer metal-free alternatives. Our team places only mercury-free fillings, and also has the expertise to safely remove your existing mercury amalgam fillings without exposing you to further risk of contamination. These protocols include:

  • isolation of the tooth with a rubber foil;
  • a lot of water coming from the drill;
  • special high-speed suction;
  • special drills to avoid toxic aerosols.
  • an amalgam separator collects mercury amalgam waste so that it is not released into the effluent from the dental clinic;
  • protective covers can be provided for the patient;
  • face shields are used by the dentist and the dental team.